Saturday, July 12, 2008

About J & G Unique Creations

J & G Unique Creations (“J & G”) was founded in March 2008 as a creative house to support The Peegies designs and merchandise. Located in Singapore and Malaysia, J & G handles not only the creative angle but also the business concerns of The Peegies.

The Peegies merchandise spans a broad spectrum of categories and we are continuously developing new Peegies designs and products to meet the changing needs of our various customers. We listen to fans, friends and customers because a Peegy product is truly more than just a product. It is an expression of courage, love, intelligence and suaveness.

To all Peegy lovers, hope you enjoy browsing through the Site. The Peegies are just “Too Cute to be Food!”

“Character designs are so ubiquitous, they are now a new species among us from toys to fashion wear. It is amazing how these designs achieve a life of their own, from a simple desire in a designer’s mind to a tangible product. Character designs are largely driven by personal passion and initiative.”
~ New Species: Contemporary Character Design Made in Asia ~

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